A Collection of Poems: My Top Three


(Source: Pexels.com- a man with pain represents the type of pain you can feel when guilty.)

This poem is my all ‘round number one poem that I have written. This piece is about the strong guilt one can feel– so strong to the point where you go insane and the guilt literally eats at you. Through this poem I hope my audience learns that to get over the guilt to feel and to finally have peace you must first go through a period and unexplainable pain. This is defiantly one of top 3 poems because it is relatable. At one point or another we have all felt extremely guilty about something and it affects us severely.

“Gut Wrenching Guilt”

I awoke in a haze, hunched, hearing screams of terror.

Beside me lays a shrieking army of savages slain,

The guilt in my abdomen was disemboweling.


Was I my own procurer ?

My memory was a blur,

A ricochet effect on my heart,

Causing me to squall —

The bloodcurdling sight .

One cannot just dislodge guilt,

First you go through a plateau period.




(Source: Pexels.com – The person hiding behind the wood represents the different places where poetry hides)

Number two on my list of my three is my poem about all the different places where poetry can hide. Through this poem I would like the audience to learn that a meaningful poem can be hidden right in front of you or carefully hidden away. Wether that place is physical or in your emotions. Why is this one of my top three?  I think it’s vey inspiring. It can motivate people to want to create something unique. It makes people curious and interested as if finding the right words is a quest that one cannot resist.

“Where Poetry Hides”

Poetry hides in between my words,

Poetry hides in my self reflection right before I sleep,

Poetry hides in my dreams,

Poetry hides in my nightmares,

In the noises I hear at night,


Poetry hides in the crevices between my teeth,

Poetry hides in the laughter I put on when I’m hurting,

Poetry hides in the words I carefully don’t say,

Poetry hides behind the image that people care so much to maintain,

The lies that we are told everyday.


Poetry hides in my struggles and mistakes,

Poetry hides in the place where my heart breaks,

Poetry hides in the uniqueness in my eyes

Poetry hides in the authenticity of my smile

Oh poetry– only the right souls will find,

That’s why poetry always hides.


(Source- Pexels.com the girl smiling represents what I would like my audience’s reaction to be when they read my poem)

My last poem is about being care free in life. About seeing the good in life and taking notice of the little things. Through my poem I hope to achieve my goal of having my audience have a more easy going mindset. I want it to be a breath of fresh air for people when they read it. I want it to make other happy and bring a smile to their faces. This is one of my top three for so many reasons but the biggest one is because sometimes we all need a reminder that even though there is a lot of evil in this world there is beauty at the same time, a beauty we al should acknowledge.



The buzz in the atmosphere,

is a slight emptiness that was almost lucite,

Sometimes at a jog,

Sometimes meandering,

Bursting with colors like magenta.

I said Bonjour to the Kaleidoscope.



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