What is Good Writing?

Unique style

If a writer can convey their thoughts to the reader and evoke a certain feeling then the writer would have achieved it’s goal. Writing is personal and relative to place and time. People use writing to vent, show a point of view, take you out of your comfort zone, inform, or to troll. In all of these situations, the writer should make a connection to its audience and maintain it throughout. Not all of the time will the theme (s) or topic delved into, be of paramount interest to the reader but a good writer, with good writing skills can and will captivate the reader’s interest. The reader should walk away feeling anything, except nothing.

Source: pexels.com


Amazing Prose

Writing that takes you out of your comfort zone for me is the best kind.  Misery by Stephen King  is the perfect example. Reasons being, the plot thickens and the protagonist is someone you love to hate. The suspense is killer and even though you want to stop reading because the main character is evil – it is the very reason why you can’t! You are compelled along by an unpredictable plot, unique style complemented by almost simple, direct prose. On the other hand  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley takes effort for me to finish leaves me flatlining, emotionally. The book is meandering with limited dialogue and seems to be filled with irrelevant information.


Disconnection with the reader marks poor writing as it underscores good. For afterall, we write so someone might read, what stands in the way of that can only be delivery. Good writing can be easier with specific categories and some writer’s genius can be limited to one or widely varied. Because writing is such a powerful and far-reaching tool,  I believe that  those who understand their genius should stick to what they do best , if they want to be heard. On a whole, good writing must be a personal point of view delivered with excellent vocabulary and unique style.



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